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Martina Chinyere Enidom Foundation(MCEF) is a lifelong conceived charity for vulnerable and less privileged youths. MCEF provides an otherwise rare opportunity to acquire education or obtain finance to establish a proactive-viable entrepreneurial venture. MCEF was conceived to appreciate the determination, resilience, effort, patience, sacrifice, and foresight of a mother who despite her disadvantaged challenging background and arduous circumstances of life believed that there is a hopeful tomorrow for her indigent children.

MCEF was founded in 2016 as an academic and entrepreneurship based establishment focused on providing scholarship and succour to the most indigent and intelligent youths in Anambra State. With excellence and core positive values as prerequisites of its beneficiaries, the foundation aspires to unveil the potentials of underprivileged youths that would give back to society in manifold measures.
The scholarship package covers tuition and books for as long as the student remains consistent in academic excellence.

The entrepreneurship package is available for young outstanding and promising entrepreneurs who with cooperative advantages would build the non-oil sector of our society (the foundation hopes to link beneficiaries to financial institutions for additional symbiotic partnership).

VISION – a society where there are fewer people in need of financial assistance to meet necessities of life especially education.

MISSION – to assist vulnerable hardworking, determined youths acquire best practices through requisite education and apply acquired entrepreneurial skills for self-reliance and improved life opportunities.

VALUES - Honesty, diligence, hard work, and patriotism

- To assist youths of less privileged backgrounds to acquire requisite education at whatever level.
- To facilitate and monitor financial and technical assistance to skillful youths to attain self-reliance in varied entrepreneurial ventures.
- To produce pro-active youths with a huge sense of values, determined to create ripple effects of their skills.
- To produce proficient youth entrepreneurs poised to create wealth and as employers of labor.
- To initiate the spirit of giving back to society for entrepreneurial sustainability.

ACTIVITIES - Seminars, Lectures, Scholarships, and Sponsorship of excellence entrepreneurial ventures

PROSPECTIVE BENEFICIARIES - Intelligent proactive youth from indigent families, from any part of Nigeria.

SPECIFIC AREAS - Secondary, Tertiary education, and Entrepreneurship.